About the House:

At House of the Rexs, we are focused on and gifted with the talent of providing all future and present rabbit owners with the highest quality rabbits on the market with our elite rabbit breeding services along with packages you can customize to make your rabbit owning experience the greatest. We always ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by working with each customer individually to meet each of their expectations and needs promptly. 

With a variety of prestigious offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be enlightened working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

New Reservation, Purchase, and Return Policies:

Please review our new policies in effect March 1st, 2014 below:

Purchase Policy & Agreement:

Method of Payment:

House of the Rexs accepts credit/debit cards, cash, check, or Pay-Pal. Payment plans may be available for those who qualify. (If we believe, due to financial situations, that the rabbit will not receive the care it needs, purchase of rabbit may be declined. Please call for more info.)  Payment MUST be made in full before obtaining ownership of rabbit and taking him/her home. 


All sales are on a first come, first serve basis. A deposit (full amount) is required to be put on the waiting list. If payments are not paid at due date or paid in full by date of pick up, rabbit will be put back up for sale after 1 week with no refund. Payments and deposits are non-refundable.

Right of Refusal:

House of the Rexs reserves the right to refuse sales to anyone without explanation. We also reserve the right to cancel a reservation without  explanation. If any deposits have been made and we initiate the cancellation, we will issue a full refund. 


House of the Rexs will not refund your money if you wish to return the rabbit you purchased; ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, if you feel that you no longer are able to or want to take care of your rabbit(s) we may be able to come and pick up your rabbit(s) at no cost. There will be No Refund but we will make sure your rabbit(s) is/are taken care of properly. DO NOT ABANDON YOUR RABBIT OR RELEASE HIM/HER INTO THE WILD! It is not fair to put a domesticated rabbit into the wild, these house rabbits do not know the necessary defensive skills to survive nor are they the same as wild HARES! (wild hares are the ones you see in your backyard, domesticated and wild "rabbits" CANNOT even breed because one has 1 less chromosome than the other.) We are more than happy to find him/her a new loving home.  


At house of the Rexs, one of our top priorities is to ensure that each rabbit is healthy in our rabbitry. We make sure all rabbits are in optimal condition and receive a thorough health evaluation before being sold. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inspect the rabbits before taking them home.. The moment the rabbit leaves our rabbitry, we are not in control of or responsible for their health, safety, and well being. 


All rabbits are sexed multiple times before being sold. The younger the rabbit is, the harder it is to tell the sex. However, if we tell you it is a buck or doe, then we have MADE SURE that it is. In any case, it is the responsibility of the buyer to double check the rabbit to make sure they are getting the gender they wanted before taking him/her home. Please ask if you don't know how to check the gender of a rabbit; we will be happy to show you how. 

Holding/Reservation Time:

After a reservation & deposit for a rabbit is made and we are able to figure out the dates in which they will be weaned, you will be contacted and a pick-up date will be made. Please understand that we will NOT keep your reservation or return your deposit if you do not pick up the rabbit within 1 week of your pick-up date. Also, if you change your mind after making reservation, there will be no refund given for the deposit.  In the case that the pick-up date needs to be changed to a later date, arrangements may be made for additional costs if there is cage space available. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly and keep in touch with us if there are any foreseeable complications. All changes to pick-up dates must be done at a minimum of 3 days prior to original pick-up date and may only be changed once. 

House of the Rexs

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Website: www.TheHouseofRexs.webs.com

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Why Us?

We set the bar high for all rabbitries around by providing each customer with a great experience. Not only do we stay up to date with all the latest knowledge about rabbit care, breeding, showing and much more, we also do our own part in making a safer world for rabbits everywhere. We acknowledge the population issue regarding rabbits and always make sure each rabbit has somewhere safe to go before bringing more beautiful rabbits to this world.